Physio Plus Tech is now powered by Amazon Cloud Hosting

We use amazon cloud hosting to ensure the most secure, best service, uninterrupted 24 x 7 x 365 live hosting forever. Being the No. 1 means providing the best service out there, so we have opted to host in the most secured cloud hosting in the world, Amazon. Not many in the industry have started incorporating Amazon, because of its cost and the intangibility in the integration and implementation at the back-end. At Physio Plus Tech, we have taken the onerous task and have brought you the best service anyone can ever provide.

Now you can access Physio Plus Tech uninterruptedly for eons as there can never be a server down issue.

To experience the cloud, sign up for free at PHYSIO PLUS TECH – clinic management software for physiotherapists.

How it works ?

Your data are encrypted before seeding it in different disks, even if the data is decrypted it cannot be read, because a set of data is split into nano bits of storage and is distributed across the globe for storage, only your login credentials can call of the exact data from different disks all over the globe.

We can comprehend your next question even before it can spill out of your mouth, What if our data is lost due to natural calamities or any accident at the storage areas ? isn’t it your question. Never mind the loss, because it can happen only when the entire human race is wiped out of the earth. Amazon has server location in all the continents (not to mention Greenland and Antarctica). It would take a world wide destruction to wipe out even a single file from amazon cloud. Each storage and split into nano bits and are copied n times and are distributed across the globe, So losing a file from Amazon cloud is impossible.

Sky is not the limit for amazon storage, Feel free to explore and exploit the storage space we have bought.

Physio Plus Tech now grows limitless with Amazon cloud Hosting.

Physio Plus Tech is powered by Amazon cloud Hosting

Physio Plus Tech Scales cloud by Amazon

Physio Plus Tech boasts now that all your data are secured to the best it can ever be and most importantly they can can be retrieved at any instance uninterrupted.


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