Marketing Ideas for Physiotherapy Clinic

How important is Marketing for Physiotherapy clinics ?

The moment we have invested in our clinic and are starting our own clinical practice, we cease to be a physiotherapist alone, we also become a businessmen. Mere technical knowledge and treatment skills cannot fetch us the patients and the income in return. If you plan to get the returns of your income, better to start working on that, we have already undergone lot of training and are well prepared to become a physiotherapist, but we have never spent an hour in becoming a businessmen or meant to be in all these years of study.

Now it has become very clear that, to be a successful physiotherapist, we should be an ardent businessmen. At the same time I’m not overlooking into continuing physiotherapy education in the streams of advanced trends or recent techniques, we should also update our knowledge from the contemporary researches and case studies, In fact a better sales is a direct result of better quality in our services. Marketing can bring you only leads, that means only new patients, but to retain them is all up to you.

Since we have talked enough about the importance of marketing for physiotherapy clinics, we need to brainstorm the marketing Ideas for physiotherapy clinics, lets dicuss about the most important of them all.

Idea 1. Online Presence:

Now every service is searched online, the era of telephone directory was outdated a decade back. Now we rely on google to walk us out, It is said that there are more than 50 thousand google searches are made per second. If you want to see it visually check here.

Every second three new websites are launched, In this internet clouded atmosphere, if we dont have an online presence, It doesn’t count as living, Next comes the growing part, so imprint your existence in this digital world to ensure your survival. The online presence can be in the form of websites, facebook pages, blogs, Youtube channels, etc.  The most basic of all is a unique website. Get your Free unique website now.


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