Physiotherapy Software with conditions analytics: Know Who visits your clinic ? and why its important ?

Conditions Analytics – A Practice management tool:  Know what patients you receive in your clinic, at what stage, for what therapy and at what time of the week or month of the year. Physio Plus Tech has a provision for you to record each and every patient diagnosis at the patient health record, We have programmed this field as if it will be taken into analytic charting automatically and will give you a real time graphical representation of the conditions you have treated against time scale.

Ever wonder why its important, or how it will be useful in managing your practice.


By knowing what kind of patients you receive,  you can always stay prepared for the same. Say for example you receive male patients with back pain mostly on Sundays, it will allow you to provide a special back program or community program or group exercise for back on Sundays concentrating on Male groups such as sports clubs, Apartment associations or charity groups.

By Knowing What conditions you receive at what month of the year, will help you stay prepared for the same, Say for example you receive more OA Knee patients at the months of December and January due to the undue weather. You can prepare an offer or camp like “Fight winter with XXXX Physio clinic – no more knee pains while we are around.” This way you are anticipating your clinic’s crowd, you are preparing yourself, you can arrange suitable programs for the same. Such management techniques will improve your credibility and prove your confidence level, will attract  more traffic to your clinic, will generate more revenue ultimately.

Start using PHYSIO PLUS TECH, start analyzing your clinic from now.

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