Physiotherapy clinic Data management : DATA is the true asset of your clinic – Don’t miss it

Physiotherapy Clinic Data Management

Data from your clinic is the true earning from it.

Physio Plus Tech is the first of its kind, physiotherapy clinic management software, as this is tailor made exclusively for physiotherapist by physiotherapist. So we know exactly what you need to document & how you need to use it to analyse, review, research and market your practice with the help of DATA.

Data is wealth – it is the true earnings from your clinic – don’t miss it. 

Physio Plus Tech : Clinic Management software India

Data is the true Asset of your clinic

Asset 1 : Remember your patients for several years

Do you Remember all your patients subjective information, rather document it

Rather document it, than to lose it.


If you have been running your clinic for years and more, you will definitely know how important it is, you must have been the family physio for many of your patients in your city, and they expect you to remember all their aliments and their treatments even if they don’t remember themselves, just becoz you are their family physio. The truth will be that, we will be seeing many such loyal patients in a day. Practically it is impossible to recall everyone’s ailments just by reading their face, I know that, I have been in that awkward situation in my practice too. I just pretend to remember ” oh yeah last time it was your knee, and it recovered pretty soon right.” and then the patient will catch us bluffing and will remind of something else like shoulder or wrist….No more such head Scratching situation

Asset 2 : Market Research for Physiotherapy clinic with DATA

Physiotherapy clinic Management software

Know your clinic statistics to improve it

Once you started to be a private practitioner, you ceased to be a clinician only, you are also a business man and all business rules do imply here in your practice. And the very first rule is “know your clients / patients: Although we treat all kind pain and rehab conditions, we may be inherently good at something that our patients know better than us, and when you read you clinics’ stats it will be evident, what you are really made to work on, Rather it can also be the other way round, that most patients in your area may be affected to or prone to that particular conditions. Either way your clinic stats will show the secret recipe of your Client lists.

Asset 3; case studies, Research & paper publication,  may not be a foreign word hereafter,

Physiotherapy software

Data will help to focus our practice goals.

Research Tells us :

Epidemiology of the conditions – we hardly have any statistics for India, why don’t we start now

Areas of concentration – Both professionally and to develop national and international health policy

Reiterates the importance of the physiotherapy and its growing need.

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4 Responses

  1. kiruthiga sethupathy says:

    Anna good starting.go on with this more and more.very nice idea.this is one step forward for our profession.MY HEARTLY CONGRATULATION AND MY APPRECIATION.

  2. kiruthiga sethupathy says:

    Anna good starting.go on with this more and more.very nice idea.this is one step forward for our profession.MY HEARTLY CONGRATULATION AND MY APPRECIATION.

    • Ram says:

      Thank you Kiruthiga, Hope our Fellow PT’s will understand the importance of documentation and they are really going to benefit a lot if they start adopting the electronic documenting procedures.

  3. Oh, this article just makes me relive some of the experiences I have as a physio. It’s so important to brush up each patient’s specific case before the consultation or visit so the patient feels like you are on the top of their case!

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