“I Document my Practice” : Physio T-shirt campaign

Physio Plus tech is Proud to organize India’s First Physio T-shirt Campaign titled, “I Document my Practice”.

we know that everyone of you are eager to document your practice. We know it ain’t cool and fuzzy with rainbows and sunshine. Yet you know yourselves how important it is to document your practice. which is what we have been talking in almost every blog post. Physio Plus Tech has come up with a viral campaign to spread the importance of Documentation among Indian Physiotherapists. We have been in the business for almost an year and now we are planning a pay back to the community that can kindle more awareness towards the future. So join the campaign and be the part of the future.

This Campaign will be a contest which will encourage documentation among Indian Physiotherapists. We’ve toiled many days and nights to plan, design and workout this exciting T-shirt contest for Physiotherapists exclusively.

Physio T-shirt


The project is 80% planned and about to be launched, and yet we are waiting for the manufacturing and logistics. Once the materials are in hand the campaign will be launched in no time.

We need your immense support to make this first campaign a great success by participating, spreading the word and cheering us throughout the project.

have you ever put on a  Physio T-shirt, be ready to be attacked with awesomeness.


Physio T-shiirt

We are Designing the Best for you

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  1. madan says:

    Physio always rocking.

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