Get up and running in one day

Physio Plus Tech is simple for your entire rehab team to learn and use. Both computer novices and computer-savvy people enjoy using Physio Plus Tech. Your team can be trained in about less than an hour in a live web conference with our dedicated training team. Even your untrained staffs at front desk and accounting staffs can use Physio Plus Tech without advanced training. We take care of setting up your entire clinic on the system, so going digital has never been easier.

Easy to use every day

Physio Plus Tech will be used by thousands of therapists every day because it’s efficient and intuitive in managing patient and billing information. Access Physio Plus Tech through your browser using a secure login to create comprehensive notes and complete patient files that consistently help our members enhance their practice and come up with flying colors. Our templates help you quickly create complete physiotherapy documentation with S-O-A-P formatting, point-and-click selections entry to minimize typing.

Easily manage your paperwork and billing

We understand the importance of recording the patient data, obtaining exact history make vital clinical decisions and prepare effective billing, so that you maintain and manage a better practice without tiresome paperworks and filing. An unlimited number of notes can be emailed or printed as legible, defensible PDF documents right from Physio Plus Tech. No more missing of patients appointments, patient details or recevable bills.